Main Personality Quiz, yuk!

Jadi gini. Libur lebaran gue nggak kemana-mana. Cuma di rumah aja. Demi menghibur diri, gue buka deh internet. Di news feed facebook suka muncul kuis-kuis yang berhubungan sama personality. Nah, kesukaan gue banget, tuh. Alhasil pas malam ini nemu playbuzz(dot)com, gue jadi keterusan deh nyoba-nyoba kuisnya. Hihi. Ya buat seru-seruan aja, sih. Kalo hasilnya bagus mah hore aja. 😀 Ini dia hasil kuis-kuis itu…

  • What Hashtag Describes You The Most? #prettygirl  “You are a cute spirit that people love to have around. No matter what anyone tells you, keep your head held up high!”
  • Which female are you from Disney? ELSA.
  • Which gilmore girl are you? Rory Gilmore. “You’re sweet and lovable. You have excellent poise and demure, but can be shy at times. You love quietly learning, but aren’t afraid to go after the things you want. You also have beautiful eyes and skin and hair and teeth. I hate you for it. Now go read something.” *ini gue ngisinya sampai 2 kali soalnya nggak terima sama hasilnya yang pertama. secara gue ngefans sama Rory, gue pengen hasilnya mirip Rory 😀 etapi jawaban gue sama, hanya pertanyaan terakhir yang jawabannya beda dan bikin hasil akhirnya jadi beda. 
  • What workout are you? Zumba. You’re wild and crazy, and everybody loves it! You’re so much fun, and anyone can see it just by looking at you. As the life of the party, you don’t take yourself too seriously, and you love to let loose and just enjoy life for what it is. *waini, belom pernah nyoba zumba, taunya aerobik doang* 😀
  • Am I a sociopath? NO. *Of course I’m not* 😀
  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Extrovert! Basically, an extrovert is a person who is energized by being around other people. This is the opposite of an introvert who is energized by being alone. Extroverts tend to “fade” when alone and can easily become bored without other people around. When given the chance, an extrovert will talk with someone else rather than sit alone and think. In fact, extroverts tend to think as they speak, unlike introverts who are far more likely to think before they speak. Extroverts often think best when they are talking! *Hmm… I think I’m both. Intovert and Extrovert* 🙂
  • Which famous painting are you? The Starry Night. You’re Van Gogh’s Starry Night! An hallucinatory genius! Painted in June 1889, it depicts the view outside of his sanatorium room window at night, although it was painted from memory during the day. Just like the mystical “The Starry Night” you’re intriguing, inspirational, incredibly popular and full of surprises! *I just loveee the last sentence* 😀 :*

Ini gue main kuisnya sampai hampir jam 12 malem, etapi tadi mulai mainnya juga udah malem sih. Udahan, ah. Saatnya istirahaaatt! 😛