Princess Hours Quotes (Part 2)

Finaaallyy, I have just finished watching The Princess Hours. I love this drama series. Princess Hours is such a cute romantic drama. *well, I think just for people who loves a romantic scenes* Yaa, it’s me! 😀

Anyway, because I’m still lazy to make a review about this drama series, let me share about some quotes from Princess Hours. Yes, it’s part 2. You can see Princess Hours Quotes Part 1 in previous post.

No matter how much you hate them or fight with them, family always look out for one another.

There’s always going to be people gossiping, just let it pass.

Respect and love are different. Just like how friendship and love is different.

There is no such thing as friendship between a man and a woman.

In this world, there is no parent who hates his own child.

The mistakes that their child makes, the father is responsible for.

The truth is not something you see. It is something you believe.

Don’t they say that when it rains, the ground only becomes sturdier?

The meeting is beautiful as a flower. The farewell will once again bring back the flower.

Learning another country’s culture, it’s a very interesting thing. Understanding the culture and traditions. It is the fastest way to understand the spirit of a country.

If one places himself number on in his heart, then he can only see himself. But by stepping back, what you see is not yourself, but others.

People learn and grow until they die.

If it possible, I want to live without limitations.