Goong or Princess Hours Quotes

Lagi ngikutin drama korea ini. Iyaaa, telat banget gue. Serial drama Princess Hours beneran menghibur. LUCUUU dan bikin gregetan liat adegan romantisnya. 😀
Gue belum selesai nonton. Mungkin kalo udah selesai, gue bakal bikin review sedikit tentang serial ini. (baca: kalo nggak males) 😀
Kali ini gue hanya mau posting beberapa quote dari Princess Hours atau Goong:

Do whatever that comes to your mind. It’s the best way to express your feelings.

To people, love is still the most important thing.

How the happiness of sharing is so much greater than the all the other happiness.

Someone said this. A man places his first love in his heart and a woman places her first love in the memories.

In life, the thing that is important other than spirit is love. Even if you are poor, but if there is love, you become a millionaire. No matter how rich you are. But if you miss out on love, you will feel as lonely and as cold as winter.

There are three lies in the world. Number 1, business man saying that they are not making any profits. Number 2, pretty girls saying that they are not getting married. Number 3, elderly saying, “the faster I die, the cleaner it gets.”

In this world, there is something that cannot be forced upon. Things like fate. Regardless of how hard you tried to grab, you can’t seem to grab hold of it. And even if you grab hold of it, it would not stay in your hands forever. If you want a fate that doesn’t belong to you, you will get punished. That’s the way of life.

The relationship between a man and a woman is not something that can be solved by working your brain.