Let’s Learn Latvian (Part 1)

House of Blackheads, Riga. One of famous places in Latvia.


One of my co-worker is from Latvia. Her name is Anna. Her english is very good. She also teach english for teachers in my school. We have english class for every Wednesday at 2 PM. When I travel with her last month, I took the opportunity to learn her language. When I try to speak and memorize some words, Anna help me to speak rightly because my pronunciations are wrong and sounds weird. *And yah, I made a lot of mistakes* 

I’m happy when I can learn something new, especially about language. Now, I will share some latvian words. If you want to know about Latvia, you can click here. 

Ok, let’s learn Latvian!

hello: sveiki! cau! (informal) labdien! (formal)

what is your name : ka tevi sauc?

my name is : mani sauc

how are you:  ka tev iet?good! labi!

nice to meet you: priecajos iepazities

where do you come from: no kurienes tu esi?

how long you will stay: cik ilgi tu te paliksi?

what is your favorite food: kasirtavs milakais ediens?

how is the weather: kadi laikapstakli?

how much: cik daudz?

you’re beautiful: tu esi skaista.

you’re handsome: tu esi skaists/izskatigs.

do you like swimming: vaitev patik peldet?

God bless you: dievs tevi sveti.

have a nice day, good people! lai jums lieliska diena, milie draugi!

happy birthday: daudz laimes dzimsanas diena. *it’s a looongg word* 😀

give thanks: saki paldies / pateicies.

have fun: priecajies

thank you: paldies

be careful: esi uzmanigs

I’m hungry. let’s eat! esmu izsalkusi. edam!

my dream comes true: mani sapni piepildas.

I’m cute and adorable! esmu mila un apburosa.

I love weekend! man patik nedelas nogales!

I can do it! es to varu!

I love my family: es milu savu gimeni.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year: Priecigus Ziemassvetkus un Laimigu Jauno Gadu

life is good. dzive ir laba.

it’s good. ir labi.

holiday. brivdienas

book: gramata.

travel: celojums.

man. virietis.

woman. sieviete. 

boyfriend. draugs / puisis/ milotais.

From some Latvian words, I just remembered one word. Paldies! It means “thank you” 😛

Ok, see you again in Let’s Learn Latvian Part 2! 😀