Day296: Quotes from “Lie to Me”

These are some quotes that I got when I watched Lie to Me, a korean drama.

You could be together for a lifetime and still be unable to understand each other. 

This is how I feel about a woman’s self-esteem, that no matter how much the world may change, it’s a given rule that a woman must not lose out. 

When you can enjoy a moment, you should enjoy it well.

Follow your heart. Don’t think too much.

Sometimes we are meant to fall in love with someone we shouldn’t love, or break up with someone we shouldn’t break up with.

Nature doesn’t change. Only people change. People change, the world changes, and love changes, too.

Loving one person can’t be a sin.

The law will uncover the truth, who’s right and who’s wrong, and who’s the real culprit. But sometimes the truth isn’t easy to reveal. Although it’s regrettable, that’s how the world works.

If you feel that your worlds are different, then, just jump into her world. But don’t expect to keep everything, as there are bound to be things that you will lose. If these things don’t matter, then, you should just go for it. 

In this world there are matters which can be settled with money, and those which can’t be.