Sometimes In Your Life


In life, sometimes you want to run. Not because you’re tired of walking, but simply because running makes you feel great.

In life, sometimes you don’t see anybody else’s smiles as sweet as yours. Even your friends’ smiles aren’t that sincere. And you know you’re wrong when one of them holding you tight and wipe your tears when you just lost your dog.

In life, sometimes you love the moon deeply when the light reaches your room and you just stare at it admiringly, chin in your hands while it’s high in the sky, until you bring the moon into your dream. But you never realize that the blue sky and the birds singing in the morning are just as beautiful.

In life, sometimes you just laugh heartily and cry a river the next second. And you ask your heart, ‘what had I done?’ So you know, that both tears of happiness and sorrow are the best friends you’ve ever have.

In life, sometimes you find it difficult to decide something. Which one is better, green tea or cappuccino? Flat shoes or stiletto? Lay’s Salmon Teriyaki or Pringles? Soaking in warm, comforting water or read a novel till you sleep on it?

In life, sometimes you don’t want to say anything. You just need a soft couch, one hell of a soccer game, and popcorn. And you wish that the rain wouldn’t stop out there.

In life, sometimes you prefer singing than fishing. You love to paint, gardening, and hate your bad English grammar. You love playing piano than strumming guitar. You swollen your feet by the dancing class you took, but you love it. You just do what you love to do, not do what you have to love doing.

In life, sometimes one bowl of hot soup and cold coffee are way better than writing a journal with a lot of ‘shits’ and ‘fucks’ or ripping your ex’s photos.

In life, sometimes you want to be bad, like, stealing the key of your neighbor’s VW Beetle just to ride it uptown, and bring it back to the owner when your heart is already content.

In life, sometimes you always know the silliest part when watching the candidates debating in TV. “… even a fool could take part in politics”.

In life, sometimes you feel guilty just because you’re dishonest. Tough it’s as simple as saying ‘I love you. Always. Forever’ to the one that you love. It’s not a humiliating thing to do. That’s what we call LOVE. And you’ll always know the best part from it (=

smooth satin jazz, cilacap. 25 juli 09.


P.S. Sometimes In Your Life adalah puisi saya, saya buat dalam bahasa indonesia. Kalau yang ini, versi bahasa inggrisnya, dibuat oleh mbak Pitoresmi Pujiningsih. Makasih, mbak (: